Kurtbastian AU - Kurt is Spiderman


Spider-Klaine 2, alternate title “Why Blaine Doesn’t Dirty Talk: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

Alternate title “This is Why His Hair Looks Like That”

Dumb comic follow up to this, because I can’t stop myself sometimes

AU Friday: Spiderman!Kurt


Just in case I don’t get the chance to write something else for tomorrow’s AU Friday—have some Spiderman!Kurt.

Takes place during Silly Love Songs, in an alternate universe where Kurt was bitten by a radioactive spider and is secretly Spiderman while still attending Dalton.  Most definitely Loves My Alter Ego in affect.


Kurt had been so busydoodling hearts with his andBlaine’s namessketching new costume ideas for his alter-ego that he barely noticedBlainewalking towards him until it was almost too late.

He slammed his notebook shut.  “Blaine! Hi!  Didn’t see you there!”

Blaineraised an eyebrow.  “Hey Kurt.  I have a question for you.”


“Do you think it’s…okay to sing to someone you like? That’s not cheesy or anything, is it?”

“No.” Kurt beamed happily. Blaine’s going to sing to me!  Blaine’s going to sing to me! “I don’t think that’s cheesy.  That sounds…perfect.” 

“Great!” Blaine laughed, his eyes bright and slightly crinkled.  “Because I want to sing something for Spiderman.”

Kurt snapped his ink pen in half with his thumb.

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SpiderKurt! SpiderKurt! ….is actually just Kurt in a mask. Shhh don’t tell.



I lied yesterday when I said I wouldn’t draw anything else. NOW I won’t draw anything else.






Okay now I seriously need to get off Tumblr before I read something that makes me want to draw more.

LMAO at spider Kurt. This is adorable!

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“I don’t understand, Kurt. Every time we make plans you mysteriously cancel at the last minute. Don’t you want to be in this relationship?”

“I do! More than anything, Blaine. I’ve just been really busy…with stuff” 

Blaine scoffs, “What stuff?”

Kurt clutches the front of his jacket tighter together over the spidersuit hidden underneath “Just…work” 

(Fixed Kurt’s face on this piece from a few months ago, it was really bothering me)


For Admiller!!!

Spider Klaine, Spider Klaine, does whatever a Spider Klaine can


In a world where Kurt Hummel is Spiderman… (Taken with instagram)

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for my friend megan who wanted spiderman!kurt. happy birthday angel, i love you so so much, i hope you like it! (click for bigger size)


Glee AU meme: superheroes